Asda Band Saw Machine, what is the reason for the bending of



A woodworking band sawing machine that uses a circular endless band saw blade as a sawing tool and makes unidirectional continuous linear motion around two saw wheels to cut wood.
The bandsaw saw saw wood bent, knitting tells you how many reasons:
1. reasons for sawing machine:
The tensioning device is not working and the weight is too light. Generally repair the tension device and weigh the heavy hammer.
(2) Saw wheel flange surface wear, front and rear diameters are different, wheel flange surface grinding.
2. reasons for saw blade:
(1) Tooth shape is not correct, tooth chamber is too small, saw blade is narrow and biased. Correct tooth shape, enlarge tooth chamber, adjust and enlarge saw path.
(2) Non-uniform tension, loose mouth, adjust tension.
(3) Too many joints, improper repair. Make as few joints as possible, or make special repairs to saw blades with more joints.
3. reasons for operation:
(1) inconsistent delivery from top to bottom. The top and bottom are concentrating and keeping pace.
(2) Over-loosening or over-deviation of sawing clamp, and adjusting sawing clamp.
(3) The feeding speed is too fast and uneven. Feeding keeps steady and decelerates in case of knots.
(4) The saw wheel and blade are stained with resin sawdust and cleaned up in time.
The saw teeth are blunt and can not be used any more. The saw blades are not good. Do not use them reluctantly.
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