The Secret Hidden in the CNC Band Saw Machine

Stationary horizontal band saw

The price of CNC band saw manufacturer and CNC band saw is a topic that many companies want to buy equipment pay more attention to. How to choose a good CNC band saw manufacturer? Today we will share relevant knowledge.
I. Understanding CNC Band Saw
CNC band saw is a kind of machine tool equipment for automatic cutting of various materials. It is mainly used for cutting various shoe materials, plastics, wood, bending materials and so on. Because the original equipment is relatively backward, time-consuming and laborious, so the numerical control band saw came into being.
Characteristics of CNC Band Saw
Processing efficiency: one time can automatically clamp and process multiple workpieces, the processing efficiency of CNC band sawing machine is 5-10 times that of manual sawing machine; while traditional band sawing machine needs to scribe, and can only process one piece at a time, which is time-consuming and laborious.
Machining surface quality is good and accurate: for most of the workpieces, no further milling is needed, and the production cycle and cost of the NC band saw are reduced.
Save processing consumables: can process a variety of special-shaped workpieces;
Save wood: do not need to line processing, especially in the processing of precious timber can save a lot of production costs;
Wide range of processing: Machinable multi-curved workpiece, the workpiece does not need to move on the workbench during sawing.
Programming is simple: each machine is equipped with a set of automatic programming software developed by our company, which does not require professional programmers and greatly reduces labor costs.
 The structure of the machine is simple and light, the failure rate of the machine is low, the daily maintenance and maintenance are simple, and the maintenance cost is low.
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